Colour. Texture. Tone. We work with clients to create individual decorative finishes in lime or clay based plasters. These finishes can be easily applied to plasterboard and previously painted walls, as well as to traditional substrates.
We prefer to work with earth-based pigments, rather than synthetic colourants, as they produce more natural tones and are very stable over time in lime plaster. Synthetic colourants can produce greater saturation, but not the softer chromatic palette available with organic pigments. However, context is always important and the finish desired will determine whether earth-based or synthetic materials are used.
Textural variation can be created through the addition of binders or aggregates, such as horsehair or silica, or as the result of how the plaster is applied. With experience working in a variety of techniques, we can produce personal and bespoke plaster finishes that are both attractive and practical.